RULES AND REGULATIONS

• Every students of the center is required to attend his classes regularly and punctually,Students will be required to put in minimum of 75% attendance    in  class, failing which he may not be allowed to sit in the examination.

• Every students of the center will be provided adequate hours on practical training on the computers installed in the computer labs of the center in          addition to theory classes.

• No student will be allowed to enter 10 minutes late than the time schedule. No student will be allowed to leave lab before time.

• Always carry your I-CARD and COURSE MATERIAL and pencil for writing keep your I-CARD on the table near MONITOR.

• No personal PEN DRIVE, CD’ OR DVD or book allowed inside the LAB.

• Note down your ASSIGNMENT for next class from the Notice board.

• Silence to be maintained in the lab any student found talking or misbehaving with the teachers or in the lab would be SUSPENDED for THREE classes      without any warning.

• Each student is responsible for hardware/software of his /her machine.

• Push the KEYBOARD TRAY in and place MOUSE and LEAVING the tab.

• Do not carry your BAG, PEN near you matching; leave it in the rack near the entrance.

• Not use CELLPHONE in class room.

• Library book and computer magazine can be issued for one and should be returned in the next class.

• The students will observe strict discipline and decorum at the center and in case any indiscipline or misconduct, student will liable to be expelled from    the center without any notice. No fee will be refunded in such cases.

• Every students of the center will be required to pass the examination by securing at least 60% marks at the end of the modules and final examination    before he is awarded diploma or certificate.

• No break to be given during the course.