• Lecture Halls

    Lecture halls in the IGIPS complex are classrooms of various sizes from a large auditorium to small tutorial rooms. These lecture halls are allocated to the various courses as per the requirement and number of students attending a class. The halls are fitted with adequate equipment for handling the smooth functioning of lectures. Faculty and other staff can book available free slots for these classrooms for additional lectures or other academic activity.

  • Laboratories

    The lab is equipped with latest apparatus, Aids and specimens. Pupil teachers use these aids during practice session to make their teaching effective. It has following equipments:

    • Microscope
    • Models of different systems
    • Primary and secondary science kit
    • Specimens
    • Glucometer etc
  • Hostel for Girls

    The college boasts of a spacious and comfortable Hostel facility available for our girl students. The hostel rooms are large, airy, and well-ventilated. The students confirm that it is a wonderful experience staying in our hostels with clean healthy vegetarian food being provided to them.

  • Library

    The College maintains a well-stocked spacious library with a rich collection of text and reference materials and encyclopedias of various fields. A large number of dailies, weeklies & periodicals are being subscribed by the library on a regular basis. The students are provided with all the reference material required for completion of their studies beside an all-round development of their personality.